UFO and Paranormal Meetup

of Western New York

Interested in unexplained phenomenon, the paranormal and UFOs?

This month’s meeting details:

September 17th 11am -1:30pm

Tosh Collins Community Center

35 Cazenovia Street, Buffalo NY 14220

This month’s topic for discussion:

Signs and Portents: Communications from the dead and the UFO Connection.

More details on the meeting topic and some links to books, videos and podcasts can be found at the Facebook link below.

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The group meets monthly from 11am - 1:30pm the 2nd or 3rd Saturday of each month. Exact dates announced via email and Facebook - so please join our Facebook group and Email list to get our monthly newsletter

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Each month our email newsletter will provide details on the monthly meetup, feature a topic for discussion to start our meeting along with links to books, media and news articles relating to the monthly topic or will provide information on a lecture with speakers in person or on zoom. With plenty of time provided for the group at large to have insightful conversation and ask questions about wide ranging topics, come spend your morning and early afternoon with like minded people interested in sharing their experiences!

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